Loss or theft of a NEXUS card? See what to do!

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From time to time everybody need to replace something…This thing may be some old furniture in the home, some clothes that are already demo or documents

Nothing lasts forever – neither our favorite subjects are eternal, nor all our feelings we experience. And if you think that you can have something forever – you’re wrong! None of us is insured and we can lose everything for a moment. And depending on what it is, we have to decide how to move forward and what activities to undertake…

We do not want to be pessimistic, nor to talk about future troubles. We just want to prepare you for something very important that is frequent and that can happen even to you!

Loss or theft of an important document! – This is the topic we would like to discuss today. That is the eventual problem we wanted to mention and now we are going to tell you what to do in case someone has stolen your passport/NEXUS card, or actually you have lost it yourself. – Are you interested to learn what the procedure for replacing is?

NEXUS replacement card

Okey, let’s talk about the amazing NEXUS cards that are even more valuable than the passports… You can cross the border with both documents, but only your NEXUS card can provide you with faster customs checks. – But you already know that, right?

If your Nexus card is gone and you are at wit’s end trying to figure out how you are going to fix things, just stay here and will understand! We would like help you resolve this problem, as well as to guide you in the vast world of information. – Are you with us?

Well, you do not have to panic after you find out that you have lost your NEXUS card! Always remember that you can replace it, but still, you have to follow our instructions :). And they are:

  • Fill in the NEXUS application form that is special in case some NEXUS card has been stolen or lost.
  • Of course once when you fill in the application, you should send it by email in order to be checked.
  • Nothing is for free :). And here, we would like to inform you that to be replaced your NEXUS card, a service fee must be payed… Well, just do it.
  • This is the final step and the most pleasant too – waiting for confirmation and receipt of the NEXUS card!

Your applying for replacement may be like a piece of cake – if you follow all the steps we told you, as well as if your personal data is still the same…