Renew online your NEXUS card and enjoy your movement!

It’s easy to renew something… Just apply and done! You get the new document you need and everything is fine. Or things are not just like that? Or you must do many other things before to receive the renewed document and in addition – should wait long time until you get an approval for something?

Well, it depends on what is involved… If you need to renew your NEXUS card for example, the steps you must follow are several as each of them is very important and you do not have to ignore it!

Let’s say that you are member of the NEXUS program for some time and so far, you have traveled by using a NEXUS card when it comes to travels between the U.S. and Canada. What the feeling is? – Pleasant, irreplaceable…? What are you ready to do if you had to travel without using the NEXUS card? – To apply again, or even to fight for this card? – Isn’t this card simply amazing way of movement that is providing you with so many benefits to take advantage of?

apply for renewal

See here – online renew!

The only think that we want to say is that the NEXUS cards have no analog. They are amazing, they are very precious for their owners and nobody is willing to travel without them, especially if the previous travels were with the NEXUS program! And when it is time to say goodbye to our NEXUS card because it is expired, should we? Isn’t better just to renew our NEXUS card, or at least to apply for renewing… Why we have to say goodbye when we can do more!

You are right. You can renew your NEXUS card when it is expired, you can replace your card when it is stolen, damaged or lost, so that to keep traveling as before. You have many options as regards to your NEXUS card, so just check them all and procced if necessary!

The first thing you have to do when applying for renewing of your NEXUS card is to fill-in the online application form that to send by email. When you are ready with this, of course you must pay the fee and finally to wait for approval. As you see for yourself, the steps are three, but you will also have to pass some interview that is also very important part of every applying. Do not ignore it!

If you need a help when applying, just write us. If you are unsure regarding the steps indicated, email us. We will help you find the right way!