Have NEXUS cards? See how to renew them!

If you love to travel with your family and they love to do that too, that‘s great! There is no more value and priceless thing in the world than the time spend with your beloved ones… – And you know that very well. Together with that, you probably did all the possible to provide your family with all the amenities necessary during your trip. – Right? And in case you didn’t, surely are looking for some way to make your family trip as comfortable as possible!

Get a NEXUS cards (click here)and do the best for your family. Get them today and be a hero for your beloved ones. If you make all the members of your family to become members of the trusted program of NEXUS and then hit the road by using your cards, believe us – they will even love you more!

Let’s guess that you already did this and even several times have traveled in this way and have crossed the borders of the U.S. and Canada by using a NEXUS card… Tell us – what the feeling was? – Incredible? – Irreplaceable…?

No doubts, your traveling has been much more pleasant than before and hardly you can deny it! But if you travel as a member of NEXUS for several years (four or even five), did you pay attention to its expired date? Did you know that it is 5 years and after that you have to apply for renewing? – NEXUS card family renewal?

Ok, we know that this is one of those things that we always forget… Or with other words – to monitor the expiration date of our documents! And we are aware that all of us do the same, just because we have too many duties and worries to think about.

Just in case, have in mind that every 5 years you must renew your NEXUS card. – And those of your family as well. And if you earlier notice that their expired dates are coming, you can apply for renewing up six months before this happen. But in case you miss to apply when your NEXUS card is still valid, do not panic and do that right after you notice that it’s time to get new cards.

The steps when applying for renewal are several. – And are very easy as well. There is nothing that could disturb or trouble you, so go ahead and complete this procedure. It is fast and very sample and even will give you a pleasure. Make the filling of the application like a funny game for your kids and answer the questions all together!