What the most important procedures when it comes to the NEXUS program are?

Every family vacation must be well-organized in order all the members of the family to remain satisfied. But how to achieve the perfect holiday when traveling with our kids, wife/husband and sometimes even with our dog! Is it possible to avoid the waiting at the airport, or to jump the queue when waiting for a customs check? Are we smart enough to organize the perfect family break, or actually it is a matter of sequence – not of intellect or so?

Well, whatever you or we to say, do not forget (never) that to travel with a family of 5, or even 6 (that will be funny) is a real adventure!! Sometimes you may have the feeling that you are the lead actor in an action film who never gives up and who is trying to the last moment to tame its children… And sometimes he even succeeds!

But when crossing the border and when we have to wait on the line for a documents check, the situation is little more complicated. We must mollify our children at all costs, simply because this is very important check we have to pass through… And if we are not able to do that, or it is very difficult for us to travel normally, the best option for us is to stay at home and to forget about the family vacations as well. Or to apply for NEXUS!

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What is NEXUS and how it will help us – click here for more info!

The NEXUS cards, the NEXUS program and your membership there will help you cross the borders of Canada and the U.S. very fast, before the other travelers and avoiding the long lines in front of the kiosks (wherever you are). If you issue cards for every member of your family (the NEXUS family package), very soon you will enjoy different movement. You and your beloved ones will have the pleasure to move faster between both countries, as the pleasure of your trip will be increased several times… We know that all that sounds great – make sure that we are telling the truth and become a member of the NEXUS program right after you have this chance. To apply for getting the family package, you have to follow several steps – fast and easy for you to follow them!

Fill-in the application form and do not forget to send it by email. Pay the fee and hope for approval! If you have no criminal record and if over the last few years you have lived in Canada or the U.S. (together with your family) we do not see any problem for you to get your NEXUS card. Hopefully as soon as possible!

For some time you are using the NEXUS family package. You are more than happy with this and even have no patience for your next holiday. To travel with the NEXUS program is so wonderful that even if you did not have any plans to go on a holiday soon, start making… – Because to travel with your NEXUS card is irreplaceable and really pleasant. Who wants to miss that?

But at some point, you notice that your NEXUS card is expired and you can’t travel by using it anymore. Oh no, that is terrible! What I am going to do now?? – These are your first thoughts after you have seen that your NEXUS card is not valid… You have the possibility to undertake two steps: the first one is to renew your family package (recommended), as the second one is to use the old methods of travel (without the NEXUS program). The choice is yours!

Renew NEXUS card for your family on this page!

Of course, we would tell you to start the procedure of renewal immediately, otherwise you will have to say goodbye to your perfect movement between Canada and the U.S… Do you want that? Or the truth is that you can’t live without your NEXUS card? And what about your kids – are they happy with their cards?

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Since we love the comfortable travel and guessing that you love it too, highly recommend you to check what the steps for renewal of your NEXUS card are and to start doing them. They will take you to your renewed NEXUS cards – very fast and easy. – Great, right! Note that when applying for the whole family, the procedure is even easier in comparison to the application only for one person. – Surprising but true! Enjoy your new NEXUS cards and use them with the greatest pleasure!

The worst thing you can experience during your family trip is someone to steal your luggage. If we add to that your documents (or rather your stolen documents), the situation becomes much more complicated, because your passport or NEXUS card are the most important thing for you when traveling!! Without them, you can stay in the middle of nothing…

In case you do not like surprises and want everything to be as you planned, be careful and do not let some unpleasant moments to destroy your long-awaited family vacation. Try to find alternatives in case something goes wrong, so that to keep traveling. Provide a backup option that to save you from some unpleasant situations, or at least to help you find the best solution when things are already irreversible… Like the NEXUS card replacement! If you know this great service of the NEXUS program, will agree that nothing is lost. You can fix everything as soon as you have the right decision.

See more here: https://goo.gl/P6Xt1B

For example: when at the airport, someone steals your wallet where there are your documents and money. What you are going to do then? – Will start crying or will getting yourself together in order to resolve this huge problem? – We think that the second one is better for you, isn’t?

Even in this hard for everyone situation, we have to think right and adequately. Instead to panic, the best way to fix things is to apply for replacement of our important documents and as for the stolen money – forget them. In the long run: it is what it is! We do not have to get angry about money. They are earned! But the NEXUS cards are not and we must apply for them – for their replacement.

Replace your NEXUS family package and enjoy your life! It is really wonderful!