What to do when it comes to missing NEXUS cards?

To lose something is unpleasant. Especially if the same thing is important for you and you often use it – like the document you travel with. If for some reason your set of documents (or just one) disappears, what you gonna do? Will try to find it, or just will seat on the couch and will think about the options for its replacement? We advise you to do both of them as a beginning! You should first to try to find the documents (maybe they are forgotten in your pocket) and then to continue with their replacement…

When it comes to missing NEXUS cards, the situation is more difficult than if you just have lost your passport. Because you can cross the border between Canada and the U.S. only with your NEXUS card, while in the same time you will be first for a customs check and will not have to wait for hours at the airport! – Nice, right?

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That’s why we told you that if you lose your NEXUS card or someone steals it, you will be really sad… The NEXUS program is so amazing, that everyone who is a member there is able to travel much more pleasant than if he is not a member and does not have a NEXUS card. And when the NEXUS card is gone, all that is just impossible!

Fix things and apply for replacement. Issue a new NEXUS card and keep traveling as before – fast and easy. Follow several steps and see that to get your new NEXUS card is not difficult at all. And even that it will be with the same expired date like the previous one you had, you will be able to travel as before many times more! – And that’s just great! See, the NEXUS program provides its members with the amazing opportunity to replace their NEXUS cards in short terms in order to keep using them instead of the situation.

To replace every NEXUS card is a matter of organization. You just have to proceed fast, to fill-in correctly the application form and then to wait for your approval. If you meet all the requirements and just like before you have no criminal record, be sure that very soon you will be a happy owner of a new NEXUS card!

Be careful when traveling by using a NEXUS card. If you lose it or damage it, you will have to apply for its replacement. And even that the procedure is easy and fast, still you have to wait some time until you start using the NEXUS program once again!