What i found, while traveling to USA from Canada – NEXUS card advantages.


If you love to travel but when you think about the long waiting on the border that you are faced with, probably you are even ready to give up from your traveling… Are we right?

These days, most of people travel often due to its work or just for pleasure. But whatever the reason why you have to cross the border from time to time is, the need of comfortable traveling is always there! And do not think that we mean only the way of transportation (by plane, by car or with boat) – we mean how you will spend the time when you have to pass the customs check – pleasantly or with tense moments…usa-canada-blog-my

Unfortunately, on every border there are huge lines and sometimes you have to wait for hours. And if you really are in hurry, as well as late for a meeting, to wait on the border so long is very, very unpleasant!

We have good news for all citizens of Canada and the U.S who travel to the neighbor country often and who think that there is no way to cross the border fast and easy. Well, in fact there is a way and it is to get a NEXUS card that will provide you with the pleasant travel you have always dreamed for and that you need for a long time!

The NEXUS card is the modern way of traveling and everybody has to take advantage of it. If you think that you do not need such a card, probably you do not travel very often and did not have the “luck” to wait on the border several hours… But if you really know what the situation at the airports or on the customs when you are traveling by car is, then why you did not get a NEXUS card so far?

If the answer is that you are not quite convinced of the NEXUS cards benefits, then keep reading and find out more!

Every holder of NEXUS card or in other words every member of NEXUS will enjoy the following advantages:

  • No more waiting for a customs check on the border between the U.S and Canada when you traveling by car. Keep in mind that when you cross the border by land, you as a NEXUS member will be able to move on a separately roadway;
  • Faster check-in at the airports (there are nine kiosks of NEXUS where you can use your card);
  • Easy and simply way of work with every NEXUS card;
  • More pleasant and comfortable travel not only for you but for the whole family too;

Be the first and do not forget to get your NEXUS card tomorrow. – Or why not even today?