The NEXUS program and the family

Do you have a family? Do you love to travel? Do you love to travel with your family…? If you are going to say “yes” to all our questions and every trip with your beloved ones is like a real exciting adventure that you have no patience to experience, just keep reading! We will tell you how to turn this family adventure into an unforgettable fairy tale that you will never forget!

When we told you that we will tell you how to enjoy an unforgettable journey it wasn’t about the ways of transportation or which hotel is the best one for you and your family… That is clear. You already know that to travel by plane is the fastest and the most comfortable transportation, as the best hotel is such that will provide you with the conditions you need. Everybody has different visions regarding the last one. – You too, right?

But when it comes to movement or more specially to crossing the borders or passing of the customs check, all we have one and the same vision – all this has to be fast and easy! But how to achieve it and if this is even possible, you will understand right now…

Yes, you can cross the border very fast and even first. And you do not have to pay so much for this. You should just to have a NEXUS card and to cross the borders of Canada or Amerika. And one more thing – to be a citizen of some of these beautiful countries! And that’s all. It is not so much, right ;)?

See more about the NEXUS family application.

If you thought that we are going to speak about travels in Europe or so, you were wrong… Yes, this is very popular topic, but who is going to write about Canada and the U.S.? These lands are also very famous destinations and lots of families travel often to see them. And if the same families live there and use every free moment to skip the next country, surely they must have NEXUS cards!

Every member of the NEXUS program knows that independently of how you are traveling (alone or with your family of 5), your NEXUS card will give you many opportunities for a better movement across the border. Get them and enjoy them! Have a perfect travel to Canada and the U.S. and make your family happy. They need this, so just give it to them and see the smile on their faces!