How to take the deposit back when we are checking out our ex-home

End of lease is a good reason to hire a team of professional cleaners to remove all dirt to the last speck of dust from the property. This way, we will check out in a correct way and without missing anything. Every landlord is willing to see tidy and refreshed tenancy before he returns us the deposit to the last penny.

It is extremely difficult to take some time to take care of the cleanliness of our ex-home with the fact that we have so many other things to do like packing up, choosing new furniture, property inspections, repairs etc. When deal with cleaning after it is last on the list, but at the same time we need so much our deposit back in full? Is it a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company or this is the last thing we need to do…

Professional cleaning VS our skills

empty apartment

Do not think that you are not experienced and skilled enough to get amazing results when it comes down to end of tenancy cleaning. Most of the experts end of tenancy know how’s best to clean your temporary home to impress the  demanding landlord with cleanliness which he had not even hoped for.

Though, you have to be aware that the investment will not be small at all, so roll up sleeves and ask your relatives to help you removing the dirt away from your ex-home. This way, you will be more than sure that there will be no obstacles in front of you to stay on good terms with the owner of the property you have lived so far.

To fulfill each point of the contract in the best way possible, start with the end of tenancy cleaning that should proceed as follows:

  • Packing luggage and freeing up space;
  • Floor and windows washing – these two procedures are leading in this type of cleaning;
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning – dirt is in the greatest quantities in this part of the house and there is always more to clean;
  • Dust-removing – the truth is that it never ends, so grab the rag and take care of its complete removal;
  • Sofa cleaning and stain removal if any;
  • Other activities that are an important part of the overall concept for end of tenancy cleaning.

Be sure that your efforts will be worth it and your landlord will appreciate what you have achieved. Read more great articles related to the end of tenancy cleaning and enjoy the useful tips which have been proven over time.