Need to renew your NEXUS card? Learn more here!

Travel well. Travel real good… Make everything possible to do that and do not think that to hit the road being prepared is not of most importance! This actually may be the most significant part of your trip…

To get your destination is a matter of time. You will ever go to your hotel and will see the place you have chosen – after 5 or 10 hours of traveling. Yes, this is a fact. But how you will spend your time while moving, it depends only on you!

If you attend to travel to Canada or America, but in the same time you are a citizen of some of these wonderful countries, no doubts, you should get a NEXUS card. And in case you already got it, be careful when and how to renew it!

Why we said “Be careful”? – Probably you think that we said this completely accidentally, but it isn’t… We have mentioned to be observant regarding the expiry date of your card, because very often people forget to look at this and suddenly they realize that they are not able to use its NEXUS card anymore! – And this is a big problem…

Renew NEXUS pass

Do not miss to see how long your NEXUS card is valid (we mean what is the expiry date) and inform yourself in advance about the procedure for renewing. You can do that if you stay here ;).

If you have a NEXUS card, surely you are aware that it is valid 5 years – long period, right? And you probably know that you can use it only within this time… So, what is the first think that comes to your mind when hearing about expired NEXUS card? – And that card is yours…? – To renew it or just to throw it away and to keep traveling as before – before to have a NEXUS card??

The last think sounds crazy right :)? – Well just forget it!

Of course, you must keep using your NEXUS card, not to throw it… And you can do that by applying for renewal. So, just take some time and do this job. Follow the several steps and get your new NEXUS card really soon.

If you have any doubts about whether to apply for renewal, then you have not traveled frequently in the past 5 years :). Everybody who has been using the program of NEXUS more than ones, knows that it is amazing and making every traveler much more pleasant and… fast!